Status Wild

Since a couple of years dozens of Konik horses are freely roaming in the wilderness of the Eastern Rhodopes, south Bulgaria. These animals are beautiful horses and lookalikes of the Tarpan, the wild horse from the past. These horses deserve to be officially called wild. Wild again. With the Status Wild. This Wild Status can be realised, in Bulgaria, for the first time ever.


When the Status Wild for these horses has been realised, Bulgaria becomes the first country within the EU, Europe where the status wild has been giving to former domestic animal species.

Bulgaria will get the spotlight on this initiative. Many other countries are already interested in following the steps being made in Bulgaria. Allowing the Status Wild for Konik will be a positive moment for the whole of Europe and change the way Europeans look at the wild living horses.

Horses are taken into the heart by many people. They love to see them in full freedom, to observe their natural behaviour. And the expression of their welfare as part of the landscape is unique and has the value of a special safari.

Having the first site with horses living in the wild forms a unique attraction for visitors form all around the world. And the inhabitants of the Eastern Rhodopes will facilitate a hospital stay.